Purchasing a Firearm

Purchasing a firearm from us is easy. Use our online checkout system to pay for your order in full or make a deposit using out deposit/layaway option at checkout. Our Layaway terms are 90 days and the initial minimum deposit is non refundable.  
If you are local and picking up your order, you can chose to pay the balance in cash when you pick up. You can also mail us a check/money order.

Depending on where a product is sourced, it will be ready to be shipped/picked up in between one and five business days. If we have it in local stock, order processing usually takes one or two days. 

Local pickup is by appointment only. I can usually be available most weekdays between 8:30AM and 3:00PM. I also try and do one evening and weekend morning per week if my schedule permits.
If you are a local customer and have not previously purchased/transferred a firearm through 7 Sigma Arms, please email a copy of your FOID card here after you place your order. 
In Illinois there is a mandatory waiting period of 24 hours on long guns and 72 hours on hand guns.
This waiting period starts when you make/agree to the purchase over email or on a website. When that transaction occurs, the clock starts. 
Federal law requires that you fill out a for 4473 and pass a background check prior to receiving your firearm. The form has to be completed prior to running the background check. The 4473 has to be filled out in person but can be viewed here. The purchaser is only required to fill out the first page of the form and sign the second.
Once the form is filled out and signed, it will be verified by us to determine whether we can continue the transaction and run the background check. The Illinois State Police requires that we use their FTIP system for background checks. This verifies that you are a valid FOID card holder, then pings the federal NICS system. On average 75% of background checks get instant approvals, the other 25% get delayed. Since Illinois has FOID cards almost all of these delays end up with an approval. Unfortunately the approval can take up to three days, which means there is a chance you will have to return at a later time to receive your firearm. 

If you purchase a firearm online from us, we need a copy of the FFL that we will be shipping to emailed to us here. You can email the FFL to us or you can ask the FFL holder to send it. Per federal law we can only ship to an FFL and will ship to the address on the license. If you need help finding an FFL in your area, Gunbroker has a pretty good tool
here. It is your responsibility to provide the FFL information to us. Please make sure there is something in the email referencing you and your order.