Purchasing a Firearm


Purchasing a firearm from us is easy. Use our online checkout to pay for your order in full or make a deposit using our deposit/layaway option at checkout. Our Layaway terms are 90 days. The minimum deposit is $50 or 10% (whichever is greater) and non-refundable.  If you are local and picking up your order, you can choose to pay the balance in cash when you pick up. You can also mail us a check/money order.


Depending on where a product is sourced, it will be ready to be shipped/picked up in between one and five business days. If we have it in local stock, order processing usually takes one or two days. 


We are limited by federal law to transfer handguns to only Illinois residents with a valid FOID card. If you are purchasing a handgun and reside in another state, please see "SHIPPING" below for instructions.
Transfering of long-guns is
 limited to Illinois residents with a valid FOID card as well as residents of states that share a border with Illinois: (Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, and Indiana). Bordering states only require a state ID (Driver's License or State ID).
If you are an Illinois resident and need to apply for a FOID card, here is a link to their website: 

After placing your order, email a picture of your FOID card (or State issued ID as described above if you are not an IL resident) to info@7SigmaArms.com
NOTE: the purchase does not have to be made by the individual taking possession of the firearm. If the firearm is a gift or other situation, just mention it when you check out on the website. The individual receiving the firearm is the FOID card we need and who needs to come to fill out the forms. 

In Illinois, there is a mandatory waiting period of 72 hours for all firearms. The waiting period starts at the time of purchase.

Federal law requires that the individual taking possession of the firearm fill out ATF FORM 4473 and pass a background check.
The 4473 must be filled out and signed at our place of business in person. 
Once the form is filled out and signed by the transferee, it will be verified by our staff to determine whether we can continue the transaction and run the background check. The Illinois State Police requires that FFL's use their FTIP system for background checks. This system first verifies that the transferee is a valid FOID cardholder, it then pings the federal NICS system for approval. 65% of background checks get instant approvals, the other 35% get delayed. 99% of these delays end up with approved since the FOID card takes most of the bad guys out of the equation. Unfortunately, the approval can take up to three days, which means there is a chance you will have to return at a later time to receive your firearm. 

Local pickup is by appointment only. We usually do business seven days a week and can accommodate pretty much any time of day for an appointment. The earliest someone has come by has been 4:00 AM and the latest was 11:00 PM. If our schedule permits, we will accommodate you.


Firearms can only be shipped to another FFL. After you make your purchase, have the FFL that you would like us to ship to email a copy of their license to us at this email address: info@7SigmaArms.com You can also send us the FFL if you have access to it.
If you need help finding an FFL in your area, Gunbroker has a pretty good tool here.
It is your responsibility to provide us with a copy of their license. Once we receive the license we will verify it's authenticity and ship to the address on file for the FFL in the ATF's eZcheck system.
For some silly reason, some dealers require an email request from the shipping FFL. If that is the case, provide the email address that we need to send the request to.